OinoKritika 2018

OinoKritika is a Pancretan Cultural Event on Wine organised held and based in Chania which also includes other events and services as well as the wine exhibition.

All the organised wineries of Crete-either belonging to the 2 winery networks of Crete or being Independent, New, Licensed winemakers of the island -can partiapate and exhibit their wines at this wine exhibition.

OinoKritika NPCP is the organiser of OinoKritika 2018 and its inspirer sinse 2007.
The purpose of OinoKritika is to provide information on wine- training and up grading of the wine culture- as well as the tourist promotion of Crete as a whole matirated by wine.

Because wine
produces culture.
Because wine is a
vehicle for culture.
Because wine Is Culture, both literally and metaphorically..

Review the programme for February 2nd - 3rd - 4th, 2018

(will be added shortly)

Wine Center of Crete

Miden Agan wine cellar comes to take its high quality services, that offers to the wine world, to a hinger level, by creating a whole new project the
Wine Center οf Crete , a platform that hosts all the wineries of Crete. You will have the opportunity to taste wines from the entire terroir, emphasizing at the local varieties. Additionally you will be provided with detailed and responsible information concerning all the organized wineries of our island, such as locations, routes, visiting days and hours, potential of the domain, other labels, varieties, and a lot, lot more.

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